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Subsurface Drip


• Flexible drip irrigation pipe with emitters every 12 to 18-inches apart, buried 4-inches in the soil with row spacing 12 to 18-inches apart.
• Applies precise amounts of water and nutrients directly in the plant root zone, and promotes plant growth and healthy root development.
• The most efficient, water conserving, and non- polluting method for conserving water in turf & planting beds.


• No water wasted from runoff or wind conditions. • Uses 50% less water then spray heads & 30% less then rotors.
• 24 Hour watering window, water anytime.
• 80% less maintenance & no head damage.
• Vandal resistant, vandalism to heads is eliminated.
• Allows for smaller water meters, because flow rates are lower.
• Fertilizer injection saves $, plus better plant appearance.
• Play on turf & water at same time.
• Water & maintenance cost savings will pay for the system in 5 to 10 years!



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