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System Evaluations

Irrigation System Evaluation

The irrigation system evaluation, includes review of system design and installation as it pertains to industry standards, and recommendations for higher efficiency, water savings, for the existing irrigation system. The services will include the following items:

1. A site inspection, which includes a careful analysis of each irrigation component in operation. This type of analysis will make it possible for us to classify equipment type and condition and identify system malfunctions, design problems, operating pressure, leakage, and other characteristics, which reduce the system efficiency. Also, we will identify potential system hazards and liabilities.

2. An evaluation of the system application characteristics, which affect system uniformity and the amount of water applied. We will determine the application rate of each type of head considering the variables inherent in the site.

3. Water consumption analysis for the last three years of irrigation. Actual water use will be compared with plant water requirements and the results will be included in the report.

4. We will provide an extensive written report on the system and its function, and will make recommendations for improvements including cost estimates. Photographs of system problems will be included in the report to provide a better understanding of the irrigation system current condition. We will do a presentation on the condition of your system for management.