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Why Choose Us?

We are very interested in the opportunity to work with you to design efficient, water conserving landscape irrigation systems that will meet your needs.

Keesen Water Management designs irrigation systems and observes contractor installations to ensure lower maintenance and water costs. We design to the highest safety standards to minimize liability exposure.

Our design philosophy is the result of many evaluations of existing systems, the new installations we observe, and the feedback we receive from installation and maintenance contractors. We also monitor some of our design projects for water use and maintenance costs. All this information is combined to determine better methods for designing systems with improved performance.

Equipment selection is critical to the long-term success of an irrigation system. Equipment that is high in quality and performance, low in maintenance, long lasting and water conserving is the essential component of an acceptable irrigation system. Thus, selecting the right equipment for an irrigation project is vital to its long-term success. This is one of many factors we consider when designing systems.

We are particular about the irrigation systems and how they perform. We continually strive to improve our design methods and develop new technology. These are a few of the many reasons why we can provide a superior service to you, our client.

Please contact us if we can serve you or answer questions you might have.